Certificate renewal utility for HALCOM-CA smart cards

Renewed ONE FOR ALL certificate can be downloaded and stored on a smart card device by using a certificate renewal utility for HALCOM-CA smart cards.

No special installation procedure is required for the renewal utility. The utility can be stored to a temporary location or run directly from the web page.

Certificate renewal utility for HALCOM-CA smart cards (OBNOVA.EXE)

Usage instruction:
  1. Download the certificate renewal utility and store it to a temporary location.
  2. Please insert smart card ONE FOR ALL into smart card reader before running the utility.
  3. Run the utility (e.g. double-click locally stored file OBNOVA.EXE or follow the link above and select Run if the warning dialog appears).
  4. Start the renewal process by pressing "Start". Detailed usage instructions are available in the utility by pressing "Help".
Please do not hesitate to contact Halcom-CA customer support services in case of any questions or difficulties with the renewal process.

Customer support phone number: +386-1-2003366, e-mail: ca@halcom.si.